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Welcome to Script Guide – Let’s Make Your Script Better!

Script Guide works with you through a dialogue, as if we were developing your script in the workplace setting, and together we will bump your script up to the next level where it’s ready to finance, cast and produce. We can start with just an idea (as if you’re a writer being hired to develop a concept), an outline (as if you’ve pitched the idea and now we’re taking it to screenplay), or a complete script (as if the script were in the rewrite phase and we want to make it ready for production).

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Why choose Script Guide from the other consultants out there?

1) I am a development executive for an active production company in Hollywood (dealing with major talent agencies and studios), unlike many consultants whose resumes reveal their “active” participation in the business was years ago. Buzz’s experience as a production executive overseeing multiple projects at once takes this qualification to another level, entirely.

2) I’m a working screenwriter in film and television. My first screenplay was produced in 2013. I have fresh, start-to-finish experience to share. Experience that led to success. I am bursting with creative inspiration and want to share it with you about your idea, and your writing.

3) I’m a graduate of the USC Screenwriting School, have read for the industry’s most prestigious screenwriting competitions, and have a working knowledge of many of today’s most recommended screenwriting resources (Syd Field, Save the Cat, Screenwriter’s Bootcamp, etc).

Script Guide is working “in the trenches” of today’s Hollywood, and can help frame your ideas, writing, and career on both a creative and a business level.

We will brainstorm, break the story’s back, find out why this idea engages you and why it’s worth writing, investigate your voice and your style and help you bring that out. You can’t do this with just a set of reader’s notes — you need to talk. And don’t worry — all the ideas and content of our discussions are yours to use! (When you purchase your session, you will see an Agreement that details this.)